• Three Critical Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Damaged Windshield Fixed

    Do you have a windshield that has been damaged by flying debris? Are you telling people that you'll get around to replacing it eventually, you're just not sure when? Although a damaged windshield might seem like a minor annoyance at best, it is actually more serious than that. If you don't get your windshield taken care of in a timely manner, you could be facing a variety of significant consequences. As a result, getting your windshield fixed is more important than you might be realizing. [Read More]

  • What Every Parent Should Do To A Vehicle Before Their Teenagers Start Learning To Driving

    One of the rites of passage in life that most teenagers look forward to is getting their driver's license. For their parents, however, this rite of passage involves a white-knuckled grip onto whatever is available in the passenger seat, as well as the occasional slamming onto imaginary brakes simply out of habit. One thing that parents can do to ensure their teenagers are capable of taking control of a vehicle is to make sure the vehicle itself is in excellent driving condition. [Read More]

  • Four Tips To Ensure An Effective Car Repair

    Every car eventually has a part break or require replacement. Ideally, you'll have the problem repaired, and then the car will go back to functioning properly. However, some car repairs are better than others. Here are four ways to make sure you get the most effective car repair possible. Look for a mechanic who specializes in your car's brand. Each brand of car is made somewhat differently. There are intricacies to working with each brand, so a a mechanic who works with that brand is more likely to be aware of those intricacies and be able to take them into account when repairing your car. [Read More]

  • Common Signs Of A Failing Automobile Air Conditioner

    If you live in a warm or hot climate, you most likely rely on your vehicle's air conditioning system to keep the inside of your car at a comfortable temperature while driving. Unfortunately, like all automotive parts, the main components of the air conditioning system will eventually wear out and cease to work properly, which leaves you without cool air. Continue reading to learn more about the common signs that your car's A/C may be on the brink of breaking: [Read More]

  • 6 Ways To Get Around Any Major City Without Needing A Car

    When you visit or vacation in a larger city, you may find yourself tempted to rent a vehicle or bring your own. The truth is most cities of a sufficient size are mostly inhospitable to those who drive a personal vehicle around. Here's how you can save some money on rental and explore a new city without a car. 1. Consider Taking a Walk Cities are far more condensed then they seem. [Read More]

  • Semi Truck Transmission Trouble: Recognizing Early Signs

    When you drive a semi-truck for a living, it's important that you're attentive to any potential signs of trouble. After all, a malfunction such as a failed transmission on the road can be dangerous for you and for others on the road. Not to mention, it will lead to costly repairs and down time. The best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the early warning signs of semi-truck transmission trouble. [Read More]

  • Three Exciting Alternatives To Spending Your Vacation Time In A Hotel

    If you're in the process of planning your next big vacation, but are looking for alternatives to a traditional hotel stay, then you have lots of opportunity. Now is the perfect time to plan an exciting spring vacation where you can stay somewhere besides a large commercial hotel. You might be boxed inside your home with the snow outside, and crushed with work at the current moment, but you can spend the time planning out a very cool and fun vacation where you will be somewhere besides a stale and bland corporate hotel. [Read More]

  • Tips For Caring For Your Transmission

    The transmission of your vehicle is necessary for enabling the vehicle to effectively and smoothly transition between the different gears. While a transmission can be critically important for the functioning of your vehicle, failure to adequately care for the transmission can lead to a variety of mechanical problems. By utilizing several key tips, you will be able to avoid many of the more common issues a transmission can experience. Monitor The Transmission Fluid [Read More]

  • Starting A Mom-And-Pop Trucking Business With Used Freightliners

    Those who are interested in starting a small personal trucking company with their wife or husband need to carefully choose the kind of truck they want to drive. A growing number of mom-and-pop trucking companies are turning to used freightliners for their truck needs. Personal Trucking Providers Drivers With Personal Freedom People who are sick of taking orders from others or who want to gain a higher degree of personal freedom often turn to trucking as a way of obtaining this goal. [Read More]