What Every Parent Should Do To A Vehicle Before Their Teenagers Start Learning To Driving

Posted on: 11 May 2018

One of the rites of passage in life that most teenagers look forward to is getting their driver's license. For their parents, however, this rite of passage involves a white-knuckled grip onto whatever is available in the passenger seat, as well as the occasional slamming onto imaginary brakes simply out of habit.

One thing that parents can do to ensure their teenagers are capable of taking control of a vehicle is to make sure the vehicle itself is in excellent driving condition. If you are the parent of a teen who is itching to get behind the wheel, here are a few things to take care of first so the vehicle is in the best possible condition. 


As someone who has driven for many years, it's highly likely that you have felt the immediate difference in a new set of brakes when you've had them replaced on a vehicle. Brakes are usually not recognizable when they are in poor condition when you drive a vehicle day in and day out since it's normal for brakes to wear down gradually. Take the vehicle to have the brakes checked and replaced, if necessary. 


Make sure the tires have a good amount of tread on them and are properly inflated before your teen takes to the road. Tires that are worn or improperly inflated can cause excessive vibration in the steering wheel and in the gas pedal, neither of which your teen should get accustomed to as if they are normal conditions for a vehicle to have. The tires are the only things between the road and the vehicle your teen will be driving, so you want to ensure the tires are in great shape and able to be driving under any weather condition. 

Wheel Alignment 

Make sure the wheels are properly aligned so your teen is able to correctly learn how to drive and how a steering wheel should feel. Wheels that are out of alignment can cause the steering wheel to be off center and the vehicle to pull to one side. It can also cause the steering wheel to feel unstable or loose. Also, the steering wheel of a vehicle that is out of wheel alignment may not return to center after a turn. Since your teen has never driven before, he or she won't know what the steering wheel should feel like if they learn in a vehicle that has wheels that are out of alignment.