6 Ways To Get Around Any Major City Without Needing A Car

Posted on: 3 January 2018

When you visit or vacation in a larger city, you may find yourself tempted to rent a vehicle or bring your own. The truth is most cities of a sufficient size are mostly inhospitable to those who drive a personal vehicle around. Here's how you can save some money on rental and explore a new city without a car.

1. Consider Taking a Walk

Cities are far more condensed then they seem. Walking is a great way to see what the city has to offer while getting around. In fact, you can see far more during a walk than you will see while driving.

Most cities also have paths and walking tours lined up. You can use them for sightseeing or as the best way to get from one point to another.

2. Consider Using Public Transportation

Every large city has public transportation. Trams, subways, shuttles, buses, and other forms of transportation typically go to just about every important area of a city. Many cities offer tours using public transportation. Sometimes, you can even find free forms of public transport if you're going to a specific event or place.

3. Considering Riding a Bike

These days, many major cities offer bike rentals. They also have paths and areas of the road dedicated to bike traffic. It's possible to use a bicycle to get to places faster than you could with a car.

4. Consider Using a Limo Service

For some reason, many people assume a limo service is a costly way to travel. In truth, you can rent a limousine in a city and pay far less than you would think, depending on your specific needs.

A limo service can get you to where you want to go with no waiting, hassle, or second-guessing. It's also ideal for those traveling with multiple people in tow. Contact a business like Benedict Limousine to learn more.

5. Consider Modern Alternatives

Cities all across the country have been testing new technology and ways of travel. Bicycle rentals are one thing, but there's also things showing up like rideshares and other programs that perform taxi services. There are even some automated vehicle tests going on out there.

6. Consider Using an App

You can likely find an app for just about every form of getting around. There are city-specific apps that outline walking paths or how to see the best sites with the least amount of effort.

You can find apps that give you schedules to use or tips for travel without a car. Use them to make the most of all the forms of transportation available in the city.

Try any of these things or combinations of them. It can help if you do some planning and research before you arrive in a new city. You'll find you can get around and enjoy more of the city without the expenditure that comes from driving a personal vehicle.