Three Exciting Alternatives To Spending Your Vacation Time In A Hotel

Posted on: 25 December 2017

If you're in the process of planning your next big vacation, but are looking for alternatives to a traditional hotel stay, then you have lots of opportunity. Now is the perfect time to plan an exciting spring vacation where you can stay somewhere besides a large commercial hotel. You might be boxed inside your home with the snow outside, and crushed with work at the current moment, but you can spend the time planning out a very cool and fun vacation where you will be somewhere besides a stale and bland corporate hotel. Here's a few ideas to get you started.

Camping At A National Park

If you really want to break free of the walls of a hotel, and want to experience nature up close and as intimate as possible, then you should look into vacationing at a national or state park. You can get camping gear online (such as a tent and sleeping bags) and then reserve your spot at the park. Some parks even have semi-open wooden structures that you can reserve and sleep in. These are great if you happen to be there during a rainy stretch because it will prevent you from getting soaked. You can find the rules for different parks online. What you should remember to bring with you no matter where you camp is bug spray. This will help you fight off ticks, which are a serious problem  due to Lyme disease.

Bed And Breakfast

If you don't feel like sleeping outside in the wild, but also don't feel like the corporate vibe of a big hotel is what you're looking for, then consider a bed and breakfast. These are a great way to both save money and find a cozy and unique place to stay. You can use one of the big sites that will escrow your money for you. The advantage to using one of these sites is that the people renting their homes out as bed and breakfasts are also rated by other people who have stayed there, so you can tell in advance what sort of owners they are, if they are intrusive, and if the house is as it's depicted in the photos.

Hitch A Camper And Hit The Road

If you are the type who has wanderlust, and you love to drive around, but don't feel like hitting a motel every night while you're on the road, then you should buy a camper. These are ideal for people who just want to hit the road and drive according to their own itinerary. You don't have to plan out a route that will take you into a town with hotels or motels, you can stay in your camper. You can take these to national parks, or you can find parks that are specially deigned for campers. These parks will have utility hook ups and will allow you to refuel and also empty your gray and black water tanks.